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We have a huge range of spares in stock and even light damaged vehicles for sale. To help you with your requirements, please find below the guideline categories for vehicle damage.

Category A
A written-off vehicle that must be totally destroyed, including all of its parts.
Category B
A written-off vehicle from which the spare parts may be re-sold, but from which the body-shell should be destroyed so that the vehicle cannot be returned to the road.
Category C
A vehicle that is written-off by the insurers because the repair costs are greater than the value of the vehicle itself, but which can nonetheless still be potentially repaired to a roadworthy condition.
Category D
A vehicle that has been written-off by the insurers, for various possible reasons, even though its physical repair costs are less than the vehicle’s actual value.
Category X
A vehicle that is “not recorded” as being damaged on the HPI register, or which has very minimal damage only. Generally speaking, these vehicles are “stolen-recovered” cases.

Salvage Jargon
In order to assist you fully with your enquirey, please find below a list of abbreviations which help clarify the specific part of a vehicle you may be interested in:

• O/S = off-side (which means the driver's side of the vehicle)
• O/S/F = off-side front
• O/S/R = off-side rear

• N/S = near-side (which means the passenger's side of the vehicle)
• N/S/F = near-side front
• N/S/R = near-side rear

• NROV = the vehicle is not recorded on the HPI register

• U/S = un-serviceable (the part specified is no good)

• S/REC = stolen recovered

• F/S/H = full service history

Insurance Categories
Below is a list of the classifications by which insurance companies write-off vehicles.

Vehicles categorised as ‘A’ or ‘B’ have been so severely accident damaged that they are deemed unfit for repair by the insurers and must therefore be “crushed” to prevent them from being able to go back on the road.

Categories ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘X’ with the correct facility and knowledge and paperwork can successfully make it back onto the road.


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